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Re: CITROEN in presa din strainatate

Mesaj de Tomita » Sâm Mai 11, 2013 12:10 pm

sincer, avand exemplul lui tesla s care la 40-50k dolari ofera un spulberator de M5 (si luxos) si un range confirmat de multe publicatii auto de 250 mile, un model chic cu performante decente 12s@100 (nu 3s@100 ca la tesla s) dar care sa beneficieze de battery pack cu un range asemanator ar putea fi comercializat cu 20k usd. dar numai de catre tesla care merg pe un concept de afacere complet diferit de al celorlalte corporatii auto. profituri de bun simt.

deci un produs gen conceptul citroen revolte sau ceva in stilul lor de design ar putea fi vandut la 20k euro full electric. si utilizabil, nu ca panaramele oferite pana acum
Led there b:LIGHT

Discutii despre personalizari LED

Oferte personalizare cu LED interior-exterior

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Re: CITROEN in presa din strainatate

Mesaj de Vasea » Lun Mai 20, 2013 10:52 am ... tour-2013/" onclick=";return false;

Naza Euro Motors kicks off the Citroen DS Tour 2013

Naza Euro Motors will be taking the Citroen DS4 and DS5 out on a series of roadshows in the Klang Valley. The Citroen DS Tour 2013, as it’s called, will kick off today at the first stop, which is the Waterfront mall at Desa Park City, Kuala Lumpur.

The roadshow at DPC, which runs until Sunday, May 19, will be held from 10 am to 10 pm daily. Test drives of both the Citroen DS4 and DS5 will be available, to give members of the public a chance to experience these award-winning models.

Following the roadshow at Desa Park City, the Citroen DS Tour 2013 will move on to Setia City Mall in Shah Alam, and that takes place from June 26-30. In the third quarter of the year, the Citroen DS Tour 2013 will head on to Penang and Johor Bahru.

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uropean Car Sales Post First Gain in 19 Months Thanks to Growth in Germany, Spain and UK

Car sales in Europe rose for the first time in 19 months, mainly led by growth in Germany, Spain and the UK. Registrations in April rose 1.8 percent to 1.08 million vehicles, up from 1.06 million cars a year earlier, according to data from the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA). Sales for the first four months of the year fell 7 percent however to 4.18 million vehicles.

The growth for April can’t hide the fact that the European auto market is at a two-decade low, with industry executives forecasting a drop of about 5 percent for 2013 as the euro zone is in recession.

Due to a rise in consumer confidence, car sales in Germany, Europe’s biggest economy and auto market, rose 3.8 percent in April, ending five months of drops. Registrations increased 11 percent in Spain and 15 percent in the UK, the only car market of Europe’s five biggest to grow in 2012. However, in other big markets such as France and Italy, sales fell 5.3 percent and 11 percent respectively.

The ACEA’s figures include registrations in the 27-nation European Union as well as Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. April growth comes after sales in the region fell 8.7 percent in January and 10 percent in February and March.

The automaker that posted the biggest sales increase is Daimler AG, which posted an 11 percent jump fueled by demand for the A- and B-Class compact models. These models drove sales of the Mercedes-Benz brand up 13 percent. Registrations at Volkswagen AG, Europe’s largest carmaker, rose 9.7 percent, with the Audi brand gaining 8.9 percent. Renault also gained 5 percent in April, boosted by the Dacia brand’s remarkable 28 percent increase.

Things were not that bright for Europe’s second-biggest manufacturer, PSA Peugeot Citroen, which posted a 10 percent sales decline in April. Fiat also posted a 9.8 percent drop, while GM Europe sales dropped 4.1 percent, dragged by the 28 percent plunge at the Chevrolet brand.

BMW’s registrations in Europe fell 2.9 percent, with Ford posting a 0.6 percent decline.

By Dan Mihalascu
Story References: ACEA via Bloomberg News


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Re: CITROEN in presa din strainatate

Mesaj de Vasea » Mar Mai 28, 2013 10:05 am ... ive-review" onclick=";return false;

Citroën C1 Connexion first drive review
Facebook makes a car that won't appeal to all tastes in the way it looks or drives

What is it?

It’s the car that Facebook built, after Citroën asked its Facebook followers to design a special edition of the C1.

Around 24,000 responses later and the most popular design that emerged is this, the Connexion. It's something that looks like a negative image of a ladybird, with red door handles and exterior mirrors sitting on black paint.

The Facebook fraternity asked for 14in alloy wheels; they got them too. They also wanted the ladybird theme to continue inside with lashings of red trim for everything from the rev counter surround to floor mate trim; Citroën obliged.

Air-con, front electric windows and remote central locking were some of the goodies Citroën threw in, by basing the Connexion on a VTR specification model.
What is it like?

What the Facebookers didn’t get a say in is what the car was like to drive. Mechanically, the Connexion is like any other C1, with power coming from a 67bhp 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine.

The engine makes a pleasing sound and is nippy enough around town, but it’ll soon run out of puff outside the city limits, the noise switching from pleasing to intrusive in the process.

The ride is a bit firm and not the most supple, although it never becomes uncomfortable. The steering feels a bit disconnected from the wheels, but at least the C1 shows a willingness to cling on — to an extent — when you’re feeling a bit brave while cornering.

Inside, the new trim that the Connexion model brings is a bit garish to our tastes and lacks subtlety. But some eye-catching touches remain in the C1’s cabin – the floating speedo and excellent visibility among them – even if the quality and interior space of the VW Up is not there.
Should I buy one?

The C1 Connexion is good enough in isolation, but good enough is not good enough in a class that contains rivals as strong as the Fiat Panda, VW Up and Hyundai i10.

When you think of something the C1 does quite well, it’s not hard to quickly think of a rival that does the same thing better. The Panda’s TwinAir engine sounds better than the C1’s; the Up’s engine is quieter and more refined; the Panda and Up are more spacious; the Up and i10 both eclipse its dynamic slickness.

You shouldn’t necessarily write it off completely though (unless that colour scheme really isn’t for you), as the C1 Connexion is being offered with one year of free insurance for those as young as 19, with monthly payments for the car costing upwards of £109.

Other manufacturers offer something similar; Seat’s Mii is available from £79 per month with a year of free insurance - but only for those aged 21 and over. Citroën is able to offer the free insurance for those aged a couple of years younger by fitting an all-seeing insurance black box in the car.

The cost of an insurance policy alone - on even the most basic car for an average 19-year-old - is likely to exceed the £109 you could hand over to Citroën, and you get a new car out of it as well.

Young drivers who won’t settle for an old banger should look no further.

Citroën C1 Connexion

Price £10,170; 0-62mph 12.3sec; Top speed 98mph; Economy 65.7mpg; CO2 99g/km; Kerb weight 805kg; Engine 3 cyls, 998cc, petrol; Power 67bhp at 6000rpm; Torque 69lb ft at 3600rpm; Gearbox 5spd manual

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G4S chooses Citroën C1 :ya

Citroën has delivered 437 C1 VTR models to G4S Utility Services, the UK’s largest supplier of data collection and meter reading services.

The C1s have been acquired for a new contract with a major power supplier and will be used by its UK-wide team of data collection and meter readers.

With this latest batch of cars, G4S Utility Services has now taken delivery of over 3,000 Citroën C1s during the last five years.

The Citroën C1 VTR has proved to be particularly reliable and robust, according to G4S, and has delivered low operating costs in this demanding application - with low CO2 emissions of just 99g/km and good fuel economy.

G4S Utility Services report that its C1s are averaging up to 53mpg - an exceptional figure for this type of low mileage, stop and start operation.

All 437 C1s, like those previously supplied to G4S Utility Services, have been acquired and operated on Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions, 33-month, with maintenance, contract hire agreements. The cars will cover up to 13,500 miles a year.

Andrew Williams, G4S Utility Services’ fleet operations manager, commented: "We have a long-standing partnership with Citroën and Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions. Both these companies have listened closely to our needs and have tailored their offering accordingly. The Citroën C1 has proved to be very well suited to our demanding operation and with excellent aftersales back up.

"Similarly, Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions provides accident management services, courtesy vehicles to cover routine servicing, downtime management and an end of contract profit share, which includes service and under mileage rebates as applicable."

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Long-term report: Citroën DS5

At Diesel Car, we don’t just test vehicles for a day, a couple of days, or even a week. Cars on the fleet get up to a 12-month examination in real-life circumstances. Here, we tell you about some of the best diesels that you can currently buy, each with a monthly expert report from everyday use.

Is there a car that you would like to see included in the long-term fleet at Diesel Car? We always like to involve our readers in decisions to do with the magazine at every level. So here’s your chance to make some suggestions and have a say in which cars we put under the microscope.

If you need a hand to decide, have a look through the Diesel Files section of the magazine where you’ll be able to look over 2,000 cars currently available in the UK.

Once you’ve decided which car(s) you’d like to see on these pages, e-mail your thoughts and ideas to the Editor at:
Citroën DS5 DSport HDi 160 Automatic driven by Richard Dredge

MAY 2013

IMG_8658_amended1You’ll notice from the panel below that our DS5 hasn’t done many miles over the past month.

In fact it hasn’t done any under its own steam.

After its coming together with a French traffic cone, Citroën nabbed the car back on the day I filed my previous report, and the repairs are still not quite complete as I write this.

It didn’t take long for the DS5 to be assessed; it was obvious from the outset that a new bumper would be needed; that’s been sourced, fitted and painted already.

It was also predictable that the fog light would need to be renewed, along with the washer bottle which had cracked and emptied itself upon impact (it sits immediately behind the bumper).

At first we thought the headlight might also need to be replaced, but thankfully not – just its retaining brackets, which are designed to give way in a pedestrian impact.

Most bizarre was the need for a new track rod end; somehow it had got bent.

Had all the parts been in stock we’d have had the car back by now, but Citroën is waiting for a couple of bits to be delivered.

However, as this issue went to press, the DS5 is expected to be returned, just in time for another trip to France.

When I mentioned to Citroën that it would be great to have it back for this trip, we could hear their nervousness – but surely we can’t get caught out twice by errant traffic cones.

Can we?
Date arrived: 11th January 2013
Mileage to date: 16,397 miles
Fuel consumption: 46.3mpg (official combined)
48.3mpg (on test)

MARCH 2013

Meet The Fleet - Citroen DS5

Last year I ran a Citroën DS4, and as good as it was, I didn’t shed many tears when it was time for it to depart.

It wasn’t that it was a bad car – far from it – just that it wasn’t one of those machines that tugs at your heartstrings. It was an interesting car in many ways, and it looks like the DS5 that’s fresh on our fleet will be even more absorbing.

My only experience of a DS5 until now was with a hybrid edition that took me to Holland and back last summer. That car was fascinating but flawed, but the DS5 2.0 HDi that we’ve got for the next few months is already proving to be significantly better than its diesel/electric counterpart.

Improved luggage capacity and a far better transmission – albeit still an automatic – should make the DS5 an ideal long-distance cruiser, thanks to the same torquey powerplant that was the highlight of our previous DS4. The Citroën will certainly get plenty of opportunity to show what it can do, as over the next couple of months it’ll be pressed into action on two long continental trips.

A skiing trip to the French Alps will see four people and luggage transported around 1,500 miles in a week, while a few weeks later it’ll be taking us down to the south of France on a 2,500-mile odyssey.

If we haven’t managed to bond with the car after all that, I think there’s a good chance we never will.

Date arrived: 11th January 2013
Mileage to date: 13,746 miles
Fuel consumption: 46.3mpg (official combined)
38.2mpg (on test)

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Seductive price for Citroen C4

Citroen C4 Seduction diesel gets a temporarily trimmer price

NEW Citroen Australia distributor Sime Darby is continuing the pricing offensive it started last month with the C4 Aircross, announcing a temporary discount on its C4 Seduction e-HDi hatch.

The reduced price of $25,990 drive-away is $2000 cheaper than before, but considering this also covers all extra on-road costs as well, the real difference is actually closer to $5000.

However, the drive-away offer is only available until June 30 this year.

The C4 Seduction gained extra equipment last year when the spec sheet was updated with dual-zone climate-control, automatic headlights and wipers, rear parking sensors, electric folding door mirrors and a self-dimming interior mirror.

An 82kW/270Nm 1.6-litre direct injection diesel engine powers the e-HDi variant and returns a combined fuel consumption figure of 4.4L/100km.

With fewer than that 50 units sold this year, the C4 lags well behind similar-sized rivals such as the Volkswagen Golf and even the niche Renault Megane with sales of 2,872 YTD and 151 YTD respectively.

A fall of more than 72% over last years sales may be attributable to fluctuating stocks caused by the new distributor take-over earlier this year.

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Re: CITROEN in presa din strainatate

Mesaj de Vasea » Mie Mai 29, 2013 10:28 am ... ia-rm190k/" onclick=";return false;

Citroen C5 THP156 now on sale in Malaysia – RM190k

The THP200 manual DS4 we featured yesterday isn’t the only new addition to Naza Euro Motors’ line-up; the D-segment Citroen C5 sedan is now here too, on sale for RM189,888 inclusive of insurance and a three-year/100,000 km warranty. That makes it one of the more expensive European offerings in this class but unlike others, exclusivity is a given.

A sole engine option is available here, the usual PSA 1.6 litre turbo in THP156 guise connected to a six-speed automatic transmission. That’s the same combination used in both the Citroen DS4 (auto) and DS5, not to mention the Peugeot 508 with which the C5 shares much with. 0-100 km/h time is 9.8 seconds, and top speed is 210 km/h.

It sits on the same PSA PF3 platform that underlines the 508, but keeps Citroen’s legacy Hydractive 3+ pneumatic suspension system that has long been the C5’s party piece. That and uniquely tuned kinematics and steering mean the pair offers distinctly different driving characteristics to go along with their polarising looks.

The car on test at JPJ wore an Exclusive badge on its tail, denoting Citroen’s top of the range trim line. Standard equipment includes 18-inch ‘Atlantic’ wheels, xenon headlamps, DRLs, dual-zone auto air con, powered front seats, leather upholstery and cruise control. Six airbags, auto wipers and Parking Space Measurement are also packed in.

Citroen doesn’t do conventional, as the C5 proves. It looks like no other, and the steering centre hub doesn’t turn with the chrome-trimmed wheel. There are more buttons on the steering boss than an MMORPG keyboard, perhaps giving the driver more control than strictly necessary.

But that’s Citroen for you – eccentric yet lovable. Now represented by Naza Euro Motors, Citroens are back in style in Malaysia and the C5 is definitely one of its more interesting offerings. Very limited units are available (we hear there’s less than 10) so if you want one, better be quick about it.

===================== ... le-rm175k/" onclick=";return false;

Citroen DS4 THP200 Manual now available – RM175k

You’ve seen the spyshots before, and now here it is – the Citroen DS4 THP200 Manual. That’s right, you can now choose to have 200 PS, three pedals and six speeds with your DS4. Official Citroen distributor Naza Euro Motors puts a price tag of RM175,000 on it, RM10,000 more than the lower powered auto. Price includes insurance five-year unlimited mileage warranty.

The engine is the same PSA (or Prince if you like) turbocharged 1.6 litre lump that you get with the standard Citroen DS4 and DS5, but it’s tuned to deliver 200 PS at 6,800 rpm and 275 Nm of torque at 4,500 rpm. 0-100 km/h sprint now takes as little as 7.9 seconds compared to 9.3 seconds for the auto variant. Top speed is higher too: 235 versus 212 km/h.

Other than the engine and transmission, the rest of the Citroen DS4 THP200 Manual is identical to the automatic model. You still get 18-inch wheels, xenon headlamps with DRLs, dual-zone climate control, premium leather upholstery, electric front seats with massage function, six airbags, blind-spot monitoring system, ESP and the like.

Availability is of course limited, as demand for it isn’t high anyway. But it’s great news for manual aficionados who now have yet another high performance three pedal option to choose from. So what are you waiting for? I’ll race you to the showrooms.


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Re: CITROEN in presa din strainatate

Mesaj de Vasea » Mie Iun 12, 2013 1:01 pm

Am gasit cateva forumuri similare:" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

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Re: CITROEN in presa din strainatate

Mesaj de Vasea » Vin Iun 14, 2013 9:35 am ... 38501.html" onclick=";return false;

Citroën DS2 (2014): Neue Ente

Das ist die neue Ente!

Die Rückkehr der legendären Ente rückt offenbar näher. Citroën will im Herbst 2014 den Nachfolger DS2 vorstellen – natürlich in Paris. An Bord: Technik vom Peugeot 208 und viel Lifestyle.

Citroën will seine DS-Reihe weiter ausbauen und ab 2014 ein Modell unterhalb des DS3 vorstellen. Das berichten die Kollegen unseres französischen Schwesterblatts AUTO PLUS. Das Design des DS2 orientiert sich an der Studie REVOLTe – und damit am legendären 2 CV. Wie das Original soll auch die neue Ente nur als Fünftürer angeboten werden. Neu hingegen: Der DS2 wird kein Minimal-Auto, sondern setzt wie die Konkurrenten Fiat 500 und Mini auf Lifestyle. Und so soll auch der Citroën mit zahlreichen Farben und Individualisierungsmöglichkeiten vor allem junge Käufer ansprechen.

News und Tests zum Citroën DS2 und Citroën 2 CV

Die Technik des DS2 stammt vom Konzernbruder Peugeot 208. So kommen Dreizylinder-Benziner mit bis zu 90 PS sowie der gemeinsam mit BMW entwickelte Vierzylinder-Turbo mit maximal 155 PS zum Einsatz. Die Vierzylinder-Diesel leisten bis zu 115 PS. Gegen Aufpreis ist ein automatisiertes Schaltgetriebe lieferbar. Später will Citroën auch eine Version mit klassischem Rolldach à la 2 CV anbieten. Die Preise für die neue Ente sollen laut AUTO PLUS bei rund 15.000 Euro beginnen, Premiere ist auf dem Pariser Autosalon im Herbst 2014.


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CLEPA names former PSA exec as new president

Editor's note: A previous version of this story misstated Arnaud de David-Beauregard's age and work experience.

Former PSA/Peugeot-Citroen executive Arnaud de David-Beauregard will be the new president of European supplier group CLEPA. He succeeds Peter Tyroller, who is a member of the Robert Bosch board of management.

David-Beauregard, 63, is vice president of the French supplier body FIEV, a post he will keep after starting his CLEPA role on Jan. 1, 2014.

"I am delighted to welcome Arnaud de David-Beauregard as my successor," Tyroller, who has been president of the Brussels-based lobby group since 2010, said in a statement. "His knowledge of the automotive industry and his business experience will be crucial for CLEPA."

Since spring 2012, CLEPA has added 20 new organizations to its membership, which includes more than 100 suppliers of vehicle parts, systems and modules.

David-Beauregard has spent his whole career in the automotive industry. After working in various roles at PSA, he joined supplier Faurecia, which is 57 percent owned by PSA, in 1998. He was Faurecia's head of group development from 2000 until 2010. In May 2010 he moved to FIEV as vice president and operating officer. He joined CLEPA as a member of its steering committee in December 2012.

David-Beauregard is a graduate of Paris Institut d'Etudes Politiques and holds a master's degree in company law.

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French car sales fell 10% in May as buyers wait for new models

PARIS (Reuters) -- French car sales fell 10.3 percent in May as consumers held back for new models from domestic carmakers Renault and PSA/Peugeot-Citroen.

Registrations fell to 148,554 cars last month from 165,691 a year earlier, the CCFA industry body said today. The association reiterated its forecast of an 8 percent market decline for the full year.

Renault's French car sales dropped another 16.5 percent last month. PSA's fell 8.2 percent and Volkswagen slid 11 percent. General Motors suffered a 25.6 percent sales slump.

Renault and PSA are rolling out the Captur and Peugeot 2008 small crossovers, expected to lift domestic registrations along with an imminent update to the Citroen C4 Picasso minivan.

Weak economy

Sales of light commercial vehicles nevertheless fell 11.2 percent, faster than car sales, betraying the continued fragility of the market.

The model launches "should have a more positive effect in June and July and continuing through the second half," CCFA spokesman Francois Roudier said. "But the delivery van sales are a clear sign that economic activity is still very weak."

With the European auto market nearing a two-decade low after five years of contraction, struggling carmakers hope they are nearing the bottom of the slump.

In April, Europe-wide car registrations rose for the first time in 19 months and the French decline slowed to 5.2 percent, helped by extra sales days as Easter holidays fell earlier than in 2012.

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The Group and Five Academic Partners Create the Vibro-Acoustic-Tribology@Lyon...

In partnership with the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), the Ecole Centrale de Lyon (ECL), the École Nationale des Travaux Publics de l'État (ENTPE), the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) in Lyon and Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL), PSA Peugeot Citroën is officially inaugurating the Vibro-Acoustic-Tribology@Lyon (VAT@Lyon) OpenLab.

The ceremony will be held today, as part of the first meeting of the OpenLab's steering committee. It will officially recognize the turning point reached in 2012, with the creation of the OpenLabs network, in the partnership relations forged between PSA Peugeot Citroën and the leading Lyon-based scientific research laboratories working in the areas of acoustics, vibration and tribology (the science of friction, wear and lubrication).

Guided by a scientific research programme defined collectively by these well-known Rhône-Alpes-based laboratories and by the PSA Peugeot Citroën Research and Advanced Engineering Department (DRIA), VAT@Lyon brings together the capabilities of researchers from the following laboratories: Mécanique des fluides et d'Acoustique (LMFA, a joint ECL/CNRS/LYON1/INSA Lyon/UJM unit), Tribologie et Dynamique des Systèmes (LTDS, a joint ECL/CNRS/ENISE unit), Génie Civil et Bâtiment (LGCB, a ENTPE unit), Mécanique des Contacts et des Structures (LAMCOS, a joint INSA/CNRS unit) and Vibrations et Acoustique (LVA, an INSA Lyon unit). Institut Carnot Ingénierie@Lyon (I@L) is also a member of the OpenLab.

In particular, this geographically targeted and topic-specific partnership is designed to expand PSA Peugeot Citroën's capabilities for innovation and proficiency in automotive technologies over the medium to long term, and to enable the laboratories to capture the value of their research by transforming their findings into industrial applications.

The VAT@Lyon OpenLab's scientific programme is structured around nine research and innovation topics, which are being explored across the different research teams. Together, they cover the very wide range of applications that could potentially be developed through the organisation's scientific disciplines.

Key application objectives include:

Reducing energy loss due to engine friction.
Reducing vibrations with innovatively engineered wave traps.
Managing and controlling the vibroacoustics of rotating components, such as engines, gearboxes and gear transmissions.
Physically modelling complex automotive systems, displaying, for example, chaotic behaviour.
Optimising the design of radically new vehicle shapes, including sensory issues dealing with motorists' auditory perceptions and aerodynamic noise.


1.6-Litre Direct-Injection Turbo Petrol Engine Wins the International Engine... ... r-in-a-row" onclick=";return false;

On 5 June 2013, PSA Peugeot Citroën receives "the International Engine of the Year Award" in the 1.4-litre to 1.8-litre category during a ceremony in Stuttgart, Germany.

Presented by Engine Technology International magazine, the prestigious 2013 Award went once again to the 1.6-litre, four-cylinder, direct-injection turbo petrol engine developed in cooperation by PSA Peugeot Citroën and BMW Group.

The Award particularly honours the 200 hp version offered on the Peugeot RCZ, 308 CC and 308 GTI and the Citroën DS4 and DS5, which delivers turbocharged output of 147kw and peak torque of 275 Nm, with carbon emissions of 139g/km on the Peugeot 208 GTi.

The 1.6-litre version caps an entire family of petrol powerplants, ranging from 1.4 to 1.6 litres and from 95 to 200 hp. Equipped with the latest technologies, including direct injection on the turbo version, variable valve timing, a volume flow-controlled oil pump and an on-demand water pump, the family improves fuel efficiency and reduces emissions by around 10% compared with the previous generation.

The engine family, produced at the Française de Mécanique plant in Douvrin, France, now forms the core of Peugeot and Citroën's petrol offer.

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Banque PSA Finance places a securitisation of French auto loans originated by...

The securitisation transaction, "Auto ABS FCT Compartiment 2013-2" of €470mm, was placed in the European capital markets on June 6th 2013.

The transaction is a securitisation of French auto loans originated by Crédipar, the fully-owned French subsidiary of Banque PSA Finance (wholly-owned by Peugeot S.A.), securitised under French law with a new compartment of the existing AUTO ABS FCT as issuer.

Auto ABS FCT Compartiment 2013-2 is the 19th public transaction of Banque PSA Finance and the ninth transaction with French assets.

The prices of €450mm of Class A notes and €19.7mm of Class B notes amount respectively to 85 basis points and 150 basis points above 1-month Euribor. HSBC and SG acted as Joint Arrangers and Joint Lead Managers.

The Class A notes, rated AAAsf by Fitch and Aaa(sf) by Moody's, were priced at par and in line with guidance. The expected weighted average life of the Class A notes is 2.7 years.

The Class B notes, rated A+sf by Fitch and A2(sf) by Moody's were priced at par. The expected weighted average life of the Class B notes is 4.9 years.

The order book is diversified and includes high quality investors from six countries, with strong support from core ABS buyers in the UK and France. Banks, insurance companies and funds were the dominant account type.

This transaction is part of Banque PSA Finance's strategy to diversify its funding sources and to increase the share of funding from its securitization program in order to support the sales of PSA Peugeot Citroën Group.

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Re: CITROEN in presa din strainatate

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New car review: Citroen C4 Aircross 4x2

This SUV is smartly priced but lacks French flair.


Sharp pricing and looks sassy enough
Good equipment levels
Rear seats spacious enough for a compact SUV


Engine is nothing special
Tyre noise intrudes on cabin
Doesn't feel particularly French

French brand Citroen is known for its quirky small cars, svelte styling and, in years gone by, innovation. Not SUVs. At least not until now.

Keen to jump aboard the massive SUV juggernaut, Citroen turned to Mitsubishi for the basis of an SUV known as the C4 Aircross. And while it shares part of its name with the thoroughly French C4, the Aircross is far more Japanese.

That's because it borrows its basic structure, interior and mechanical components from the Mitsubishi ASX. It's the same with sister brand Peugeot's 4008.

The Aircross went on sale here late last year but was rejigged when the brand was handed over to a new local distributor.

What do you get?

There's only one C4 Aircross model and it's available with either two-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive.

Driveaway pricing starts at $31,990 for the two-wheel-drive model, while four-wheel-drive adds another $2000. Both come with an auto transmission as standard and both come with the same high equipment level, making the C4 Aircross appear competitive with the Mitsubishi ASX auto ($28,240 plus a few thousand for dealer and on-road costs) and Peugeot 4008 auto ($31,490, plus on-road and dealer costs). The Mitsubishi has the advantage of a five-year warranty versus three-year support for the French duo.

Included is cruise control, climate-control airconditioning, Bluetooth, rear parking sensors and a reversing camera, although it gives an odd field of vision that makes it difficult to judge whatever you're about to back into. There are also stylish 18-inch alloy wheels (with a space-saver spare) and the safety of seven airbags and stability control. Metallic paint and leather trim cost extra.
What's inside?

Like the Peugeot, the Citroen is more Japanese than French, with switches and orange-lit displays borrowed straight from the Mitsubishi. Even the indicators are on the right-hand side. While some may consider it a sacre bleu moment, the reality is it all works OK. The Citroen chevron badge in the steering wheel - which itself has a nice grip - tries to get you to overlook the Japanese connections, though largely unsuccessfully.

Other than that there's decent storage with a covered centre console and places for odds and ends. The rear seat, too, defies the compact exterior dimensions with respectable legroom for lanky teenagers and adults.
Under the bonnet

The Aircross uses the ASX's 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine that's good for 110kW of power. Mated to a CVT (continuously variable transmission) automatic, it keeps pace with the traffic easily enough and, while there's a modest amount of power on offer, you need to keep your foot flat for a while for the CVT to buzz up to the point at which peak power is produced (6000rpm).

Mid-rev muscle is equally modest but the CVT does a decent job masking it, albeit with the associated sound of the engine looking to stay in its sweet spot. But its claimed 199Nm peak is 2Nm higher than the ASX and 4008.

Perhaps that's because the owner's manual and fuel-filler flap stipulate the tank must be filled with more-expensive premium unleaded. It's an odd requirement, given the Mitsubishi that uses the same engine runs fine on the regular brew.

Speaking of fuel, claimed use is 7.9 litres per 100 kilometres, although we found it hovering about 11L/100km in daily, mainly around-town driving.
On the road

French cars have a reputation for above-average dynamics and a cosseting ride, but the Aircross bucks the trend. That's not surprising given its Japanese underpinnings, although Citroen has made some tweaks and fitted it with stylish 18-inch wheels shod in lower-profile Bridgestone rubber.

Steering is light and responsive and there's respectable cornering grip, although ultimately it doesn't take much enthusiasm to have the body leaning noticeably through corners. There's also mild steering kickback on bumpier corners, although it's by no means bad.

The ride, too, is composed and deals with bumps well enough, albeit without the tight body control we've come to expect from European cars.

The biggest chink in the Citroen's armour is constant tyre roar, something that becomes more audible at freeway speeds. It can be quite annoying, especially once you hit the coarse bitumen commonly found out of town.

Forget French, because the most Gallic thing about the C4 Aircross is the badge. But the Mitsubishi influence brings a well-priced, if uninspiring, small SUV. Throw in some sexier styling and it could be enough to make the C4 Aircross one of the brand's bestsellers, albeit one that sits behind the class leaders.

Our rating:

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

C4 Aircross
Badge Description
Exclusive 4x2
Constantly Variable Transmission
Engine Configuration Description
Gear Num
Build Country Origin Description
Car Size
Overall Green Star Rating
Fuel Type Description
Petrol - Premium ULP
Drive Description
Front Wheel Drive
Warranty KM

New car review: Peugeot 4008

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

$30,990 (man), $33,490 (auto)
Peugeot 4008

It looks like a Peugeot, but it's a Mitsubishi underneath.

Keenly priced
Well specified
Decent seating space
Looks the part.


Unremarkable engine
Lacks French flair
Tyre noise
Average steering

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Mitsubishi ASX Aspire

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$36,990 plus on-road costs
Misubishi asx aspire

The Japanese giant places its stock in the burgeoning market for soft-roaders, writes Jez Spinks.

Best interior in Mitsubishi range
Good vision
Smoother ride at higher speeds
Decent cabin space


Average performance
Lumpy urban ride
Tyre noise
Diesel is better engine

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Reviewed: Skoda Yeti 77TSI

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Skoda Yeti 77TSI

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Spacious body with heaps of headroom
Clever folding rear seats
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Engine struggles
Tall gearing means you'll be busy swapping cogs
Calls for premium unleaded
Bland interior presentation

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Motorcity launches the new 2014 Citroën C-Elysée

Motorcity, the sole distributor of Citroën in the Kingdom of Bahrain, launched the new 2014 Citroën C-Elysée, at a grand ceremony at the Sofitel, Bahrain.

Dr. Bijan Majidi, General Manger of Motorcity Holdings BSC commented: "The all New Citroën C-Elysée demonstrates Citroën's expertise in technology and design by developing a modern and affordable European engineered and manufactured vehicle."

"The new VTi engine of the C-Elysée is designed for better performance, fuel efficiency and durability. This car has been tested over more than 4 million kilometres around the world, in all driving conditions, to ensure that it surpasses customer expectations. We invite the customers to test drive this new model to get a glimpse of what it can offer." Then he added.

The Citroën C-Elysée design is attractive and well balanced. The front end immediately identifies the vehicle as a member of the Citroën family, with a large chrome signature emphasizing the enveloping, ribbed bonnet.

The bodywork is both harmonious and eye-catching, conveying a robust sense of presence with a high waistline, wide tracks and strong curving wings. The Citroën C-Elysée is available in a choice of seven body colours, with chrome detailing depending on the level of trim.

Inside the car, the elegant design is also perceptible to passengers. The executive-style dashboard features a neat strip in front of the front passenger. All materials were selected to be attractive, robust and easy to maintain.

The Citroën C-Elysée is designed to stand the test of time and mileage. The extreme driving conditions were factored in from the design stage itself. As a result, the vehicle features, appropriate clearance and tyres, additional under-body protection and reinforced body part design.

Wide wheel base and specially designed new generation gearbox are combined with electric power steering that is both informative and precise at all vehicle speeds, to ensure strong road holding and safety for all passengers, even in the most difficult conditions. It's also fitted with ABS, in addition to dual airbags.

The Citroën C-Elysée is equipped with the new 1.6 Litre VTi DOHC engine, delivering 115 HP of power, and is combined with a 4 speed automatic gearbox. The car truly illustrates brand's expertise in terms of providing comfort to its occupants, ensuring real driving pleasure even in the most extreme conditions.

The Citroen C-Elysée delivers not only an impeccable ride but also an exceptional space. This is a vehicle of generous exterior dimensions: 4.43 m long, 1.7 m wide and 1.47 m tall. The 2.65 m wheelbase is the longest in its category.

The design of C-Elysée is optimised in terms of space and dimensions. The interior roominess is worthy of saloons in the next category up, with best-in-class space in the back seats. The leg room available to passengers at the rear is remarkable in terms of both width and length (knee room of 120 mm).

The spacious design of the cabin has no impact on boot space. With a capacity of 506 litres VDA, the boot is one of the biggest in its class. With these features, the Citroën C-Elysée is fully suited to its role as the main family car.

The Citroën C-Elysée is available with a range of modern, intuitive comfort equipment. Features include air conditioning with a digital display, rear parking sensors, speed limiter function, and an MP3 car radio, CD player with a Bluetooth hands-free kit and USB.

It's also fitted with high-tech equipment, such as a heated windscreen and a special air conditioning system, which includes a "Max" function for fast cooling.

With low running costs, excellent fuel efficiency, appropriate servicing frequency and extended service life, the Citroën C-Elysée, is an ideal car for requirements of fleet customers and modern families.

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Re: CITROEN in presa din strainatate

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PRODUCT EYE: the Citroen C1 created by Facebook

Glenn Brooks found a lot to like about the Citroën C1 Connexion, the first production car on UK roads resulting from an app created in collaboration with Facebook.

It hasn't taken me eight years to get around to driving this little car, as you might suspect by the fact that I am reviewing it here for the first time. I've had a go in its Toyota Aygo and Peugeot 107 brothers on earlier occasions, though this was my first time behind the wheel of the updated versions of any of these triplets.

The C1 was facelifted for the second time last year but there weren't any great mechanical changes at that time, just some LED daytime lights and a few other modifications at the front end, plus a light freshening of the interior.

Both two- and four-door body styles come down the same line as their Peugeot and Toyota equivalents at the TPCA plant in the Czech Republic. I probably should call them all three- and five-door hatchbacks, but technically speaking, they're not. Instead of a full tailgate, you get a Volvo C30-style glass panel that flips up, held aloft by just the one gas strut.

The unusual arrangement for the rear hatch betrays one of the major reasons for these cars' very existence: they were an experiment in lean design and lean manufacturing, set up in the early 2000s by PSA and Toyota Motor (TMC). The platform was donated by TMC and is based upon the first generation Yaris but with certain costs taken out. The TPCA factory at Kolin is part of the joint venture and it still builds just these models.

Eight years is a long time to have been making any model, but no doubt the sudden downturn in the European market influenced the partners' decision to delay the replacements. These I would expect to appear perhaps at September's Frankfurt show, or failing that, in 2014. There have even been rumours about a theoretical DS1 variant on the same platform in 2014 or 2015 - there might well be a small but handily profitable market in some countries such as the UK, France and Italy for such a model.

Returning to the clever ways in which money was saved in the development of not only the C1 but also the 107 and Aygo, if you look at the back doors, you'll see studs in the windows. These hold the glass in place as the window is hinged, so it flips out a few centimetres: there is far less cost if you eliminate the winding mechanism.

Other kaizen-style money savers in evidence? Well, it has been some time since I came across a car with manual mirror adjusters but the C1 has them. It sounds like an inconvenience but in something this narrow, proves to be no problem at all, as long as you're good at judging where the gutter is for reverse parking.

The Connexion's spec is a bit odd- no power mirrors but you do get air conditioning and remote central locking as well as electric front windows And how about this, which was a first for me: open the driver's door and a light comes on, but open the boot or any other door and the car's interior remains dark. I found myself wondering just how big the potential savings from omitting a few switches could possibly be. No passenger grab handle and no hook to hang a suit jacket on either, it's worth noting.

The penny-pinching extends to one windscreen wiper but it does a good job of clearing a large portion of the screen and PSA & Toyota do switch it for RHD cars. I forgot to mention a moment ago something else that saves money - the driver has no switch for the passenger's electric window but there again, it's easy enough to lean across in a car of this size.

Due to the good quality sound system, the A/C, comfy cloth seats and a few other items in the C1's interior, you don't feel at all short-changed with this little car. Me, I'd prefer an automatic gearbox in a city car but there again I seem to have always been in a minority on that issue. The manual shift is quite fun and for once, five ratios seem to be enough too.

The skinny tyres and steering that is the opposite of the mushy over-assisted systems on some rivals tend to help put a smile on your face every time you venture out in this car. It feels 'raw' if that makes sense - like a bang up to date Peugeot 106. You sense how light the C1 is (805kg) and that's a very good thing.

The 50kW (68hp) three-cylinder petrol engine has enough power to push the car as hard as you could possibly want to - bodyroll is much in evidence, as is a pleasingly zingy noise when you rev it - but this is not a GTI, it's a city car that's perfectly fine at motorway speeds too. You won't worry about running costs either, as the CO2 average is just 99g/km, while the BIK rating is 10%, servicing is every 10,000 miles and the insurance rating is 4E. The real world fuel economy I found to be, as ever, close to the official Combined number of 65.7mpg but if you're a feather-foot you might well get near to the impressive 74.3mpg of the Extra Urban cycle. Sometimes it really can be asked: who needs a diesel?

Here is something that jumps off the spec sheet at me: I would expect the replacement model to be an improvement on the Euro NCAP crash rating which is listed as a mere three stars. To be fair to PSA and Toyota, consumers weren't so concerned about these things when the C1/107/Aygo were launched in 2005.

The Connexion's slightly unusual standard equipment mix can be explained by the way this special edition came into being. Citroën UK crowdsourced it on Facebook, basing the potential result on its existing VTR trim level. So there are alloy wheels and metallic paint but the rest was left up to members of the public.

The company claims more than 24,000 configurations were submitted via a specially created app, while 10,000 competition entries were received to win the first car. The final spec was selected from the most popular of the 24,000 suggestions. As you'd expect, some of the items that people most wanted were things like an auxiliary socket for an MP3 player - I've been shocked by how many new cars out there still don't have this function - body-coloured bumpers and dark tinted windows (the latter looked great on my 'Caldera Black' test car.

The door handles - they look a lot like they come from the Peugeot 206 to me - are in contrasting Scarlet Red, as are the mirror casings and I got used to them during my week with the Connexion. The same bright red trim on the dashboard and carpet matts also soon became perhaps surprisingly fine to live with - it's the same idea that Opel-Vauxhall had for the Adam but in this case, you're paying a lot less money.

Prices for the two-door C1 Connexion start at GBP109/month, with Citroën targeting younger buyers with insurance built into its Elect 4 Personal Lease package for anyone 19 years or older. I found it tricky to get exact prices for the Connexion, which is based on the middle trim level, but the base model starts at just over GBP9,000, with the top-spec four-door VTR+ topping out at just over GBP10,500.


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Re: CITROEN in presa din strainatate

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Official pictures of the new Citroen C-Elysee for the Chinese car market

Citroen has released the first official pictures of the new Citroen C-Elysee for the Chinese car market. The new C-Elysee debuted in China on the Shanghai Auto Show in April and it will hit the market on the second of July.

The new C-Elysee is made by the Dongfeng-PSA joint venture. Price will start around 80.000 yuan and ends around 110.000 yuan. Power will come from a 1.6 with 114hp and 150nm, mated to a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic. A 1.8 and a 1.2 turbo will be added to the line-up later.

The current C-Elysee, which is based on the first generation Citroen ZX, will continue yet again as the ‘C-Elysee Classic’, priced around 60.000 yuan.

The C-Elysee is basically the same car as the new Peugeot 301 which will be made by Dongfeng-PSA as well. The C-Elysee and 301 will compete head-to-head with the new Volkswagen Jetta, the new Volkswagen Santana, the new Skoda Rapid and the upcoming Guangzhou Auto GA3.

Size: 4430/1700/1470, wheelbase is 2650.

================ ... mpact.html" onclick=";return false;

Citroen to axe popular C3 subcompact

A report coming out of France finds that the Citroën C3 subcompact will not be replaced once the current second-gen model is phased out. Hailed as Citroën's bread-and-butter model, the C3 will be the first victim of PSA Peugeot-Citroën's brand re-shuffling.

Under a new marketing strategy that is gradually coming into effect, Peugeot will position its lineup slightly upmarket and Citroën will move its cars down a notch in order to widen the gap between the sister companies. That doesn't mean that Citroën will compete with Renault's low-cost Dacia, but its cars will be less powerful, simpler and more affordable than Peugeot's.

The C3 will leave its spot to a much more basic car called E3 internally. Billed as the spiritual successor to the iconic 2CV, the Spainish-built E3 will greet the public for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September.

Citroën gave the C3 a mid-cycle facelift at last March's Geneva Motor show so the city-friendly hatchback will share showroom space with the E3 until at least the middle of the decade.

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Re: CITROEN in presa din strainatate

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Citroen Reveals DS3 Cabrio Racing Concept, Set to Debut at Goodwood [w/Video]

The Citroen DS3 Racing, which formed the based for the Peugeot 208 GTi, is in almost every respect just as good as the Lion-badged model, with different styling and a more exclusive badge. However, what the 208 doesn’t have in the range is a two-door model with a retractable soft top, like that of the DS3 Cabrio or Fiat 500C.

Now, Citroen has combined the DS3 Cabrio with the DS3 Racing, thus creating the DS3 Cabrio Racing concept, a one-off model which is set to make its official debut in the metal, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, which runs from July 12 to 14. With a self-explanatory name like that, the concept is exactly what you’d expect it to be…

It gets the same 1.6-liter engine used in the regular DS3 Racing and the 208 GTi, and despite giving the driver the option to drive with the top rolled back, only around 25 kg (55 lbs) of extra weight have been added. This means the difference in performance will be almost imperceptible.

Still, Citroen is saying that there is a bit more to this car than first meets the eye. Firstly, they want to draw our attention to the large 19-inch rims, the new-design “watchstrap” sports seats (which look great) and plusher inside trim, which aim to make this car “an expression of custom-built excellence, radical choices and sophistication in every detail.”

The concept is also set to be displayed at the Frankfurt auto show later this year, where we’ll get a better look at it and hopefully have some nice live photos to check out (as well as an answer to the question of it entering production or not).

Goodwood will most likely bring us several videos of the car. Speaking of videos, Citroen made one of their very own, featuring the Cabrio Racing concept, which you can watch below.

By Andrei Nedelea

VIDEO => ... r_embedded" onclick=";return false;


GM to sell rebranded Peugeot vans in US? ... ans-in-us/" onclick=";return false;

According to a report by France's La Tribune cited by Reuters, General Motors and Peugeot are discussing the possibility of selling PSA Peugeot-Citroën commercial vans in the US through The General's dealership network. While specific models and what brand they may sell under stateside are not immediately clear, the move isn't entirely out of the blue, particularly since GM owns seven percent of the French automaker.

Peugeot and GM already have a joint-venture agreement to ease costs associated with vehicle development and procuring parts, and while the progress of the arrangement has been inhibited some by Europe's difficult economy, the two automakers are looking to expand the relationship. With sales in the dumpster, Peugeot's long-term prospects have looked particularly shaky as of late, and GM could use a modern commercial van lineup to better compete with North America's suddenly modern and Euro-fied competition. Mercedes-Benz kicked off the high-roof trend with its Sprinter, and for 2014, Ford is following with its Transit van (joining its smaller Transit Connect sibling), while Chrysler is leveraging its relationship with Fiat to rebrand the Ducato range of vans as Ram Promaster models.

Peugeot already has a full line of commercial van solutions in its stable, from its compact Partner and Bipper models to the larger Expert and Boxer models, which are available in a variety of cargo and people-carrying configurations.

GM, meanwhile, has been left with its elderly Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana range, though it did recently strike a deal with Nissan for a Bowtie'd version of the Japanese automaker's NV200 small cargo van, dubbed City Express.

=================== ... -in-china/" onclick=";return false;

New Citroen C-Elysee is Naked from all sides in China

The very first pictures showing the new Citroen C-Elysee naked from all sides in China. The new C-Elysee debuted in China on the Shanghai Auto Show in April and it will hit the China car market in the second half of this month.

The new C-Elysee will eventually replace the current Citroen C-Elysee, a beauty of a car based on the first generation Citroen ZX. The current C-Elysee will continue as a budget car for at least another two years, likely to be called ‘C-Elysee Classic’ or something similar. The current and new C-Elysee are made in China by the Dongfeng-PSA joint venture.

The current C-Elysee is priced from 73.800 yuan to 91.800 yuan. Price of the new C-Elysee will start around 80.000 yuan.

Power will come from a 1.6 with 114hp and 150nm, mated to a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic. A 1.8 and a 1.2 turbo will be added to the line-up later.

The C-Elysee is basically the same car as the new Peugeot 301 which will be made by Dongfeng-PSA as well. The C-Elysee and 301 will compete head-to-head with the new Volkswagen Jetta, the new Volkswagen Santana, the new Skoda Rapid and the upcoming Guangzhou Auto GA3.

Thick C-pillar most exciting part of an otherwise boring design.

Flat bottomed steering wheel will help to control those wild 114 horses. The rest of the interior looks like a neat place, but plastics are clearly very cheap. Check the area to the left of the steering wheel and the center console around the gear lever.

A lot of space in the back. The materials might be cheap but the C-Elysee is a big car for the money. Size: 4430/1700/1470, wheelbase is 2650.

Clean lines up front with a very modest grille.


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Re: CITROEN in presa din strainatate

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Cum sa nu-ti cumperi un CITROEN ? ... -in-china/" onclick=";return false;

Sweet Citroen girls heat up the Changchun Auto Show in China

The rather local Changchun Auto Show is ongoing at the moment, in the great city of Changchun in Jilin Province. Not much auto news yet but oh lalala Citroen has some very sweet girls selling the C4L sedan. Click on the Pics Bigs™. Oui, très BIG.

Citroen is getting real good in sexing up otherwise boring auto shows. Check Guangzhou and Chengdu. We want, more!

The Citroen C4L was launched on the China car market in December last year, it is made in China by the Dongfeng-PSA joint venture. Price starts at 123.900 yuan and ends at 169.900 yuan. Engines: 117hp 1.6 and a 163hp 1.6 turbo.

This is the other girl. Sadly we only got one crappy pic of her working. But fortunately we have…

… a very good pic of her dressing room.








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Re: CITROEN in presa din strainatate

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Naza Euro Motors launches Citroen Hari Raya promos

Naza Euro Motors has launched a couple of promotions for its Citroen customers in conjunction with the upcoming festive season. The on-going Balik Kampung promotion offers owners a complimentary 15-point safety inspection, 20% discount on selected parts and a complimentary gift with every oil change, while stocks last. Applicable to all Citroen models, the promotion runs until August 30.

The Hari Raya weekend promotion, meanwhile, sees a limited number of ready-stock Citroens available for purchase at all Citroen outlets and at the Gurney Plaza Roadshow in Penang – a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone will be included as a free gift with all models upon delivery. The Hari Raya weekend promotion runs this weekend, from July 26-28.

============================== ... troen.html" onclick=";return false;

Twin-Engined, All-Wheel Drive Citroen 2CV Sahara for Sale in Boring, Oregon

As everybody knows I'm sure, the Citroen 2CV was a low-powered pod specifically designed to carry low-wealth French country folk around in comfort and relative safety, as well as keep them dry – it was apparently called “an umbrella on four wheels.”

Because of the rutted nature of roads in its native parts, around the time of its conception, the 2CV has soft suspension, no body control at all in corners, plus, and this is its party piece, lots of wheel travel. That’s one of the reasons why it actually did well in rallies – it could absorb the bumps at speed and just keep on moving (not quickly…but moving nonetheless).

It probably became apparent very early on that the puny 435cc two-pot motor they were using to power the 2CV at the time was not really up to the task of maintaining any kind of momentum and speed over the rough ground they already knew the car could cover. Thus, in an effort to make them a viable transport for the African continent, the Sahara version was launched – it was really the first supermini-based crossover…

However, while nowadays crossover buyers are easily fooled by plastic body cladding and a higher ride, back in 1961, Citroen gave you a car with two engines!

Furthermore, it was actually designed to cope with the worst of desert conditions, which include hazards like extreme temperature and sand clogging up the mechanical bits – popping to the shops in one will be a breeze, and it did snow very well too, as the second video posted below will reveal.

One of these very interesting little French cars is up for sale on eBay, in the town of Boring, Oregon. However, if you get past the steep price, the car is really anything but, and it’s bound to keep you busy for years, and especially immediately after you buy it, because there are a few things wrong with it...

By Andrei Nedelea

============================ ... -in-china/" onclick=";return false;

Spy Shots: Citroen C4 hatchback testing in China

Spy shots showing a Citroen C4 hatchback testing in China, seen here on the elevated highway in the great city of Shanghai. The Citroen C4 hatchback will have its China-debut on the Chengdu Auto Show in September and it will be launched on the China car market late this year.

The Citroen C4 hatchback will be imported into China, just like the first generation C4 hatchback. The sedan version of the Citroen C4, called the Citroen C4L, is made in China by the Dongfeng-PSA joint venture.

Hatchbacks are much more popular on the Chinese car market than before, so it is a surprise that Citroen won’t make it locally. Price for the imported C4 hatchback will start around 160.000 yuan. Engines: 1.6, 1.8, and 1.6 turbo.

===============" onclick=";return false;

Citroen DS3 to arrive in Malaysia before year-end?

Naza Automotive Manufacturing COO Roslan Abdul Ghani has told Bernama that the Citroen DS3 will be brought into Malaysia before the end of the year.

Having been introduced globally in 2010 as the first model from the quirky French carmaker’s upscale Different Spirit (DS) brand, the B-segment hatch is far from a new car. But you know what they say about the relationship between late and never, especially when we’re talking about a looker like this.

Globally, the Citroen DS3 is available with a range of petrol and diesel engines, including 1.6 VTi 120, 1.6 THP 150, HDi as well as greener e-HDi units. Gearboxes on the menu are a four-speed auto, a five-speed manual and a six-speed manual.

The hot one, the Citroen DS3 Racing (limited to 1,000 units), has 207 PS and 275 Nm of torque at its disposal, besides packing steering, suspension, brake and ESP upgrades. This one gets to 100 km/h from rest in 6.5 seconds and tops out at 235 km/h.

A Cabrio version debuted in Paris last year, and the Cabrio Racing concept at the recently-concluded Goodwood Festival of Speed. Which DS3 variant will we get? Too early to say, and your guess is as good as ours. But as always, you’ll know when we do.

Since its appointment as the official Citroen distributor in Malaysia back in January, Naza Euro Motors has introduced the DS4 (in THP 163 auto and THP 200 manual forms), DS5 THP 156 and C5 THP 156 (albeit in rather limited numbers), as well as opened a brand new 3S centre in Glenmarie.


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Marca si model masina: Dacia SuperNova 1.4 b - 2001
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Re: CITROEN in presa din strainatate

Mesaj de Vasea » Mar Iul 30, 2013 7:15 am

Studiu "What Car"

Ca in fiecare an, revista What Car impreuna cu asiguratorul "Warranty Direct" au efectuat un studiu privind fiabilitatea masinilor cu varsta intre 3 si 8 ani. Studiul s-a efectuat pe un esantion de 50.000 de masini si rezultatele sunt urmatoarele:

1. Honda (43,916, 39, £356.46)

2. Suzuki (36,094, 46, £258.03)

3=. Hyundai (48,162, 63, £252.95)

3=. Subaru (50,803, 63, £300.40)

5. Toyota (44,231, 70, £392.40)

6. Lexus (47,610, 81, £432.47)

7. Chevrolet (33,590, 88, £259.20)

8. Mitsubishi (46,543, 89, £422.56)

9=. Ford (47,298, 94, £296.49)

9=. Mazda (42,831, 94, £441.33)

11. Nissan (44,702, 96, £369.80)

12. Fiat (39,141, 97, £272.67)

13=. Citroën (43,954, 101, £308.64)

13=. Skoda (45,134, 101, £319.29)

15. Peugeot (44,730, 105, £285.96)

16. Daewoo (34,847, 117, £337.40)

17. Smart (32,804, 118, £300.32)

18. Kia (44,134, 119, £389.96)

19. SEAT (47,256, 126, £293.58)

20. Vauxhall (47,208, 127, £310.24)

21. Volkswagen (49,192, 135, £336.30)

22. MINI (38,094, 138, £385.57)

23. Renault (44,276, 142, £266.32)

24. Rover (40,281, 151, £379.23)

25. Saab (51,370, 168, £319.70)

26=. BMW (51,521, 173, £427.32)

26=. Volvo (54,597, 173, £403.85)

28. MG (34,301, 183, £406.46)

29. Jaguar (45,876, 185, £436.19)

30. Mercedes-Benz (48,961, 219, £468.32)

31. Audi (52,963, 230, £525.49)

32. Jeep (47,357, 232, £430.02)

33. Chrysler (49,367, 246, £403.15)

34. SsangYong (43,782, 247, £387.78)

35. Alfa Romeo (47,095, 251, £385.54)

36. Porsche (36,654, 270, £616.22)

37. Land Rover (52,733, 325, £437.91)

38. Bentley (35,494, 482, £560.27) ... vey/266383" onclick=";return false;


Most reliable used cars

Most of the top 10 are small cars
Japanese manufacturers perform well
Find out the average repair cost and what goes wrong

Reliability is a key concern for buyers when they are looking for a new car.

A number of manufacturers claim to make cars that last. We've put together a list of cars that have proven themselves to be reliable.

Our partner, Warranty Direct, has compiled data on over 50,000 cars and developed the Reliability Index. The lower the RI, the more reliable the car; a score of 100 is average.

To be included in our survey, cars need to be less than eight years old and Warranty Direct needs to have more than 50 policies.

The top 10 reliable cars get scores of 22 or less. Japanese manufacturers dominate the results with just two cars in the top 10 having no connection with a Japanese manufacturer.

Small, basic cars are the best performers. It seems the less that a car has, the less can go wrong with it.

In this list we tell you the Reliability Index, the average cost to repair, the average time that the car is off the road, the average age of the car and the average mileage. We also detail what is most likely to go wrong.

3 - Citroen C1 (2005-present)
RI 13
Average repair cost £184.58
Average age 4.20 years
Average mileage 33,779
Average time off road 1.20 hours

The Citroen C1 was developed in partnership with Toyota, but in fact beats the Japanese car by achieving a Reliability Index of 13. Average repair costs are considerably more than the Lancer and the Agila but are still below average. The C1 is an example of a simple car being simple to repair. The cooling and electrical systems are the most likely things to go wrong, while the average repair takes just over an hour. ... ars/266355" onclick=";return false;

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Marca si model masina: Dacia SuperNova 1.4 b - 2001
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Re: CITROEN in presa din strainatate

Mesaj de Vasea » Joi Aug 08, 2013 3:25 pm

PSA GRUP locul 1 si 3 vanzari iulie 2013 in FRANTA !!! => ... 013-64878/" onclick=";return false;

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Re: CITROEN in presa din strainatate

Mesaj de Tomita » Joi Aug 08, 2013 7:17 pm

VW e cam jos :mrgreen: masia de vis a cocalarului sarac
bmw, audi, cam jos pt "premiumul" lor
Led there b:LIGHT

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